You need headshots that look like you, that look professional, and that will get you in the door. Period. When it comes down to it, that’s what we all need from a headshot (and have some fun doing it!)

In addition to your all-purpose theatrical and commercial shots, you and your representation will also need a range of looks. Most especially with television and film projects,  you’ll need the range casting directors are looking for — upscale, downscale, scruffy, clean, street, formal, any type of character in your 'wheelhouse'.  That doesn’t mean putting on costumes - but suggesting the ‘type’ of character for which you or your representation will be submitting you. Together, we’ll work to do that through the clothing you wear, the lighting, background, and general look of the headshot.

I've been a professional actor for more than two decades in both NY and LA. I've written for Backstage on both coasts, and been on 'both sides of the table' — working for a top-flight casting director here in NYC. I've seen headshot styles change and develop, with LA style informing NYC and vice-versa. I’ve learned what works.


We’ll shoot for 2 hours or so at my new location on 52nd Street and 10th Avenue - The Artist Co-op. We’ll be using natural light, supplemented with studio lighting. There’s a comfortable kitchen, lounge, and bathroom in the space. Then we’ll head outside to grab some outdoor shots (if mother nature decides we need to reschedule, we’ll reschedule).

After the session, you’ll be sent an email link to a gallery of your high-resolution photos. You can download the entire session, or just your favorites. You can compare photos side-by-side, compare just your favorites, send the entire gallery to someone for help deciding, or send your favorites. I’ll send a YouTube video to answer any questions you may have about using your gallery. It’ll make the selection process a LOT easier and fun!


Production photos have appeared on BroadwayWorld.com, while Event and Production photography has appeared on 429.com, as well as in Haute Living Magazine.

I look forward to working with you