Headshot Photography

You need headshots that look like you, that look professional, and that will get you in the door. Period. When it comes down to it, that’s what we all need from a headshot.

As an actor myself, I know headshots should show you at your best — your most relaxed, joyful, and confident. 

You and your representation will also need a range of looks. With television and film production increasing here in NYC,  you need the range casting directors are looking for — upscale, downscale, scruffy, clean, street, formal, any type of character in your 'wheelhouse'. 

I've been a professional actor for more than two decades in both NY and LA. I've written for Backstage on both coasts, and been on 'both sides of the table' — working for a top-flight casting director here in NYC. I've seen headshot styles change and develop, with LA style informing NYC and vice-versa. I’ve learned what works.

Let's get you some new headshots!


Event and Production Photography

Production photos have appeared on BroadwayWorld.com, while Event and Production photography has appeared on 429.com, as well as in Haute Living Magazine.

I look forward to working with you!